Other Public Radio Programs and Streams for Kids

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24/7 Streams


Wonderground Radio ad_free

Music for kids and grownups from Minnesota Public Radio

That’s The Storyad_free

Stories and music from New Zealand


Music in German for kids


low power fm station for and with kids from Clearwater Florida

Hip Young Parent Radio

Music from Los Angeles

Time-dependent streams
please note time zones

Kids Corner ad_free

with Kathy O’Connell WXPN Monday-Friday 7 to 8 pm Eastern. Podcasts of portions also available.

Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child

on Valley Free Radio, Saturdays 7-9, hosted by Bill Childs and his daughter, Ella. Eastern

ad_freeSaturday Morning Cereal Bowl

WAWL FM Saturdays 8-10 Eastern

ad_freeMah-Na Mah-Na

Music and comedy for kids, Saturdays 8-9 am, WEFT.

Archived Programs


Penelope’s Radio

multiple archived programs of music and stories, including some in Spanish, plus seasonal specials.

Tell Us a Tale

folk tales, books, and stories from Charlottesville VA.

Classics for Kids

short programs of classical music for kids from WGUC. Also a podcast.

The Zucchini Brothers

music and comedy that’s out-of-school.

Cow Pie Radio

Join Buck Howdy and BB for a rollicking campfire treat. Also available as podcast.



Kids Music Planet

Lisa and Evalyn Harper (and sometimes Monty Harper too) present their picks for great music.