Information for Program Providers, Children’s Musicians, and Storytellers


kpwas created to finally provide comprehensive public radio for kids. We are not out to make money.

However, we are mindful that your art is also your livelihood. So we’d like you to know what protections we’ve set in place to guard your work:

  • We follow the spirit of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. That is, we do not play works in their entirety unless given specific permission by the artists or copyright holders. Most of our music programs use only one cut from any album. We also strive for few repeats. We select stories so that we use only portions of albums, where possible Our storytelling programs were composed with the permission of the storytellers, where possible.
  • We will pay the appropriate public radio fees to the royalty organizations, including Sound Exchange, ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN, and others.
  • Where possible, we provide information about the artist and album featured, with links as available.
  • At the request of some program providers, we do not give specific dates for specific programs. Stations will not be able to re-use certain programs without specific agreements with program providers. Likewise, we do not archive programs unless given specific permission. Program providers retain all rights, including the right to podcasts and other forms of distribution.

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Please also copy this for use on websites, product, and newsletters:

As Heard On Kids Public Radio

and please provide a link back to our site, Or get our new widget for your site, which lets people listen while they stay at your page.

If you would prefer that your works NOT be featured on Kids’ Public Radio in this manner, please contact us.

Information for Parents


kprepresents an unprecedented opportunity for intelligent, ad-free entertainment for your children, 24 hours a day. Like our fellow organizations in the public radio realm, our goal is not to sell you- or your children- something, but to present great songs, stories, and other audio entertainment and information for families worldwide.

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In today’s confusing world, you may have some concerns about the online environment for your child. Please rest assured that we have taken every precaution to keep children safe here. You will note that, with a few exceptions, all of the children involved are identified only by first name. We do not encourage children to go to the forums on their own, but instead encourage parents and teachers to assist them there. All of the audio submissions to this site require parental signatures and approval.

Almost all of the programs presented here have been gleaned from public radio stations in the United States and elsewhere. We hope that you will go to the station websites and see the wonderful work that they are doing for kids. And while you’re at it, be sure to thank the stations for creating the programs, supporting the volunteer programmers, and showing you the way to kpr.

You and your children can help us in two ways

  • kpis for and with kids. Why not create programs at home or at school for use on our channels? We have special links to forums and webpages that can help you get started. We can also use art work and written comments.
  • kpcan use your support. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. It is quick and easy, and your privacy is completely protected.

Thank you.

Information for Public Radio Stations


kprepresents a new direction for public radio, even a radical idea. Sure, there have been efforts for kids’ radio in the past, but few comprehensive offerings for kids aged 0 to 11. Let’s face it, kids have been ignored for a long, long time.

With the advent of wifi, things have changed. We now have an entirely new way to provide radio to our audiences.

kpdoesn’t take away your audience. It gives you an additional audience. Here’s how:

New Way

to rely on their favorite station… a new way that will fill another need of theirs, besides information, company, or relaxation.

Target the rest of the interest of the people who listen to you now
– Mark Ramsey

What are those needs?  How about wholesome, ad-free audio entertainment for preschool kids? A way to get the grandkids to settle down after lunch? A way to help their toddler fall asleep?

All with public radio sensibilities and values

More about us and our values

How we keep kids safe

And, because these new channels come on an entirely different platform, families can listen to both at the same time. Dad can listen to jazz at night Over the Air, and the kids can listen to lullabies before bedtime on the computer.

Instant gratitude for your station

It’s one of those famous public radio win-win-win situations. It helps kids. It helps parents. And it helps your station- without any cost to you whatsoever.

kpcan be used in several ways:

  • Become a buddy station. Make a link to kpon your website. Use our widget and listeners will be able to listen while watching- and staying at- your site. It’s as simple as that.
  • Let your listeners know about us on air. Use our premade PSA’s or get a custom PSA of your own, free. You can hear a sample of a PSA here.