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Thanksgiving Special

Celebrate Thanksgiving with our 2 part special Thanks for Family music and poetry about families, 30 min. long Featuring : Two of a Kind: “Love Makes a Family” Jim Copp and Ed Brown: “Family Reunion” Allan Sherman: “Shake Hands With Your Uncle Max” Fred Penner: “Grandpa’s Song” Anna Moo:...


Peter Alsop Special

Peter Alsop Special Featuring songs from his brand new CD Listen in mp3 to: featuring: Grow It At Home No, No, No! *Note: has lyrics that some parents may find objectionable Sometimes Si, Sometimes No Dragon Who Flies By My Window Parent, grandparent, educator, musician, actor, author, and all...

kpr is an entire network of free web-based radio channels for kids. The channels are created through an aggregate of both old and new programming assembled from a variety of sources in public radio and elsewhere. Music, news, stories, comedy, lullabies, educational programming and more are  presented in distinct non-commercial programs which serve an audience of kids aged 0 to 11 and their parents. The common denominators for all of the programs are a commitment to quality, a love of many cultures, and a profound respect for the intelligence of children.

and always ad free and commercial free