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Winter Special Greasy Kid Stuff Featuring several of the hits from their latest compilation Greasy Kid Stuff is a fantastic children’s radio program heard on WFMU and other places too! ( Like the web) If we could, we’d make them part of KPR! This is not your Grandfather’s radio show,...


Keith Munslow's New CD

Check out a few selections from Keith Munslow’s new CD including: Intelligent Clam Dad’s Taking a Nap Get Along Little Kitty and I Can Still Say I Love You http://www.keithmunslow.com/ Thank you Keith and thank you Beth

kpr is an entire network of free web-based radio channels for kids. The channels are created through an aggregate of both old and new programming assembled from a variety of sources in public radio and elsewhere. Music, news, stories, comedy, lullabies, educational programming and more are  presented in distinct non-commercial programs which serve an audience of kids aged 0 to 11 and their parents. The common denominators for all of the programs are a commitment to quality, a love of many cultures, and a profound respect for the intelligence of children.

and always ad free and commercial free