Celebrate Dads

Celebrate Dads with our Father’s Day Special. With Max and Chloe Ludwig (when they were much younger). For kids aged 3 to 10.   Featuring the stories and music of   1. Homework With Dad Natalie Miller Completely Me Out of print 2. Awful Hilly Daddy- Willie Trip John McCutcheon Mail Myself To You www.rounder.com 3. David’s Father and 50 Below Zero Robert Munsch various www.robertmunsch.com 4. I’m Busy Bill Harley You’re In Trouble www.billharley.com 5. Come and Play Catch With Me Tom Paxton The Marvelous Toy Pax Records/Sony Wonder 6. You Got to Relax Fred Koller American Children PO Box 429 Waterbury, VT 05676 7. Daddy Does the Dishes […]